NZ Football has changed the system that administers all football and futsal players across New Zealand. It is a massive process getting everything changed over and in the long term will be positive enabling the club to do a better job than they have with information, make registration and management of your and/or profiles for people in your family much easier to manage and update.

Every football player needs to log into MyComet and either update their existing profile which should have come across from the old system or create a new one if they have not played before. If you have children, you will need to do this for each child. 

You will not be able to register yourself or any player for football at any level, academy or any other football or futsal activities until this is updated for each player.

We have delayed the registration process for the start of winter football to make it easier to get the backend set up and give you and us time to do the best job on the system. This will not delay the season at all. We are pushing hard to make sure we make this as easy as it can be.

Please refer to the attachment which explains the process for a player to register using their MyCOMET member profile.

Registrations will open March 1, 2018 for Junior Winter Football, Federation Football, High School Football and Senior football. 

Registration Details

Click through your MyComet file, go to Register and the options will be below that. There has been a small issue setting up the process for registering for RHS Football (players from year 9 to 12) and we will have this up and running as soon as possible. We are hoping this will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours.

If you register in the next two weeks for Fun Football (from 7-8), Mini Football (from 9-12), Junior Football (from 13-14) or RHS High School Football (year 9 to 12) you will get an automatic discount of $5 per player as an early bird bonus! For First Kicks (from 4-6), you will receive this discount anytime you register!!!

Click Here to register. 

In regards to Federation football, you do not need to register and pay to be eligible to go to the trials. The best option is to go to trials and then register if you are successful in making a team.

Trials for RHS have already started this week, trials for Boys Football from 9th grade are next week, trials for Fed boys from 12-14 are this weekend and next week, trials for Girls Football from U10 and U12 are the following week.

You do need to be registered for the club to be eligible for the trials so jump on and do it now.

If you have not received your credentials, or you do not know them, you can use the MyCOMET Lookup to have your credentials sent to your email address.  

Coach Registration

This registration will be live in early 2018 for all Junior Winter Football Coaches. As part of NUSC policy we will be asking all coaches to complete a Police Vetting process

Junior Winter Football

This registration will be live in early 2018 for all Junior Winter Football players

Federation Youth Football

This registration will be live in early 2018 for all Youth players who wish to play Federation Football. We will be fielding teams in the U12, U13, U14 and U16 age groups.

High School / College Football

This registration will be live in early 2018 for all Rototuna High School players who wish to play in the Waikato Secondary Schools Association competition. These teams will be known as Rototuna High School teams.

NUSC is working with Rototuna High School to manage and coordinate football. College football is a separate competition from the junior WaiBOP competition. This competition is only open to children who are at College / High School and are Years 9 or above - both male & female.

Please note: if you are aged 13-15 you may have the choice of playing for either the High School or NUSC in the different competitions.

Senior Mens & Womens Football

This registration will be live in early 2018 for all Senior football players, both men and women, competitive and social.


Registration for all Futsal Age Groups can be completed by clicking the button across:

For further detail about Futsal please click here to visit the Futsal specific page on our website