Grassroots Info (5th & 6th Grade)

Information for the Grassroots/First Kicks 2017 season.

Grassroots (or First Kicks) is the soccer programme for our youngest players (5th and 6th Grades) and is for both boys and girls.


Registration is via the Registrations link on our website, pick Junior Winter football. All Registrations and payments are needed to be complete by 24 March as we will then need to assemble teams.

Team Placement                                                    

All team placement requests that have been entered at registration will be considered and catered for the best we can as we assemble teams.

Once players are put into teams, changes are only made under exceptional circumstances. Please ensure in addition to any friend preferences, you advise on your registration form your preference for training venue and let us know which school your child does/will attend.

Team Muster (the announcement of all the teams) will be on Saturday 8th April at 9:30am (venue TBC)

All individuals need to attend the muster as club shirts will be handed out to individual players at Team Muster this year. (Shirts are only issued to those who have paid, as our club policy is no payment no play). Team kit bags will also be handed out at this time as well. 

Please note you will need to provide your child with boots, shin pads, socks and shorts (in the club colours), which are available through “The Soccer Shop”, and some other retailers. To make things easy, the items that you will need for the season will be available to  purchase from The Soccer Shops stall at the Team Muster.

First games of the season                                     

Saturday 6th May at Discovery Park Flagstaff.

Almost all Saturday game days for the First Kicks season are at Discovery Park

  • 6th grade at 9:00am for 1 hour.
  • 5th grade at 10:00am for 1 hour.  

(WaiBOP have previously organised two cluster days for Hamilton wide games at the end of term).

Training Night for the Teams                                   

  • Thursdays nights, 4:30pm at Discovery Park and Ashurst Park.
  • Starting on Thursday 4th May.

The majority of teams train at Discovery Park and a few teams over at Ashurst Park. Training this year will be on the same night for all teams which makes for a greater atmosphere and allows for volunteer coaches to seek advice or help each other out.

A training programme will be explained at the first training night where each team will be allocated a training ground, which they will call ‘home training ground’ for the rest of the season. 


 If training is cancelled due to weather this will be posted on Facebook on the day and coaches emailed.

 If game day is cancelled WaiBOP will email the club and coaches direct and the club posts this on Facebook.

Contacts for First Kicks

Karl Freaney-

Julian Rattray-