Uniforms and Gear Return for 2018 Season (Football)

Uniform and Gear Returns for 2018 Season


Date: TBC

Where: TBC

Team Time Schedule:

Gear: To minimise the time you and our volunteers spend on this we would like all uniforms and gear returned this day, in the time slots allocated. If your team manager or coach can’t attend on this day please arrange for another team member or club member to do it for you.

Each gear bag was issued with a list of what it contained at the start of the season (some received more items during the season). Please check this against what is in the bag now and bring this list with you.

We ask that you:

  • Ensure bibs are returned clean and dry
  • Clean dirt off and remove any rubbish or personal items from gear bags
  • Highlight on the sheet any broken or missing items
  • Check first aid kit and note any missing items e.g. ice pack (so we can replace them)


Please ensure you collect all uniforms from your team and that they are returned in one plastic bag, clean and dry (not individually bagged). If you cannot recover all uniforms please note who is outstanding as they will be invoiced if they don’t return it. Your gear bag sheet had a list of uniforms that were issued to your team and managers were to allocate one per player so you knew who had which top.

If you can’t find your team sheet please contact Ian Foster fozmail2209@gmail.com.