Welcome to the Football Season for 2019 with Northern United Sports Club

Northern United Sports Club is the largest Sports Club in the Waikato; with more than 950 men, women and children playing football, netball and futsal. Our vision is to create a lifelong love of sport for all ages. We encourage and develop community involvement in sport at all levels through a strong, sustainable and family friendly club that meets the needs of its members and supporters.

The best sources of information are on our Facebook page so if you are not already a member, we encourage you to join. We do our very best to keep our website up to date and this can be found at www.northernunitedfootball.com

The WaiBOP website is also a useful source of information which is www.waibopfootball.co.nz

Season Begins

The football season has already started for our senior men’s, senior women’s and our youth federation teams and it has been great hearing all about how well each team is doing.

The JUNIOR season kicks off this Saturday 4th May 2019 and all teams draws can be found on the WaiBOP website http://www.waibopfootball.co.nz/COMPETITIONS/Fixtures-Results-1

Your team manager or coach should email out the draw to you, but you can also check this out for yourself by clicking on the above link. Please make sure you look for the header WAIKATO in yellow where you will find your respective age group for your child’s team. We also suggest each coach and manager goes to the following link where they will find the playing format for each grade and the rules http://www.waibopfootball.co.nz/COMPETITIONS/Junior-Youth-Playing-Formats

Entering Team Results

By now each team manager or coach will have received details from our club administrator regarding the information you need in order to record your results after each game. In the event you have not received this information, please email us at football.northernunited@gmail.com and we will get this sorted for you.

Results must be entered before 3.00pm after each game so please make sure this is done.


At Northern United Sports Club we do not tolerate any threatening behaviour towards anyone within our club or outside of our club. We take all complaints that are made seriously whether it is a complaint directed at our club or a complaint that we make to another club. Should you wish to report an incident please ensure the incident is collated via our club contact which is me northernunited.secretary@gmail.com and it must be done as soon as possible after the incident has occurred.

We have zero tolerance of any abuse verbal or physical from anyone within our club across all levels of football. This includes abuse of referees, poor side line behaviour from coaches, parents and supporters, parent v parent and parent v kids.  In the event this happens, immediate action will be taken.

As a football community we need to manage this better and together take a strong stance on this.

Please also remember this is kids football and most of the people involved throughout each club are volunteers. It is also important to remember the following:

  • These are KIDS
  • This is a GAME
  • The coaches are VOLUNTEERS
  • The REFEREES are human
  • This is NOT the World Cup

Football truly is the greatest game in the world so let’s make sure our kids enjoy themselves out on the field as much as possible as that is what it is all about.

The New Zealand Football Code of Conduct is also available for you all to view so we encourage all people involved to read this: New Zealand Football Code of Conduct


If your team is playing at Grosvenor Park, the nets are located at 33 Caversham Drive (off Thomas Road). They can be collected from just inside the left gate by teams playing at the earlier time of 9.00am. Please ensure that if you are the last team to play at Grosvenor Park (usually 11.30am) that you pack the nets away in their bags and place them neatly back at 33 Caversham Drive on the left-hand side when looking at the house. We are very lucky to have someone willing to store these for us so please do not take this for granted.


For teams playing at Ashurst Park, please get in touch with Ian Foster to gain access to the key code required gearfootball.nusc@gmail.com


As football is a winter sport, unfortunately at times we are not blessed with good weather. There may be field closures throughout the season and please remember this is not a decision that is made by our club or WaiBOP, all cancellations are managed by Hamilton City Council for each park, so this is completely out of our control.

The last thing any of us want is for football to be cancelled but we must look after the fields as much as we can. This also means we may need to close our fields for weekly trainings in the event of bad weather, again so that we can preserve the fields as much as possible for game days should the weather clear. All field closures will be posted on our facebook page for game days as soon as we have received confirmation ourselves which is usually before 7.30am each Saturday. You can also check this yourself by going to the following link http://www.waibopfootball.co.nz/COMPETITIONS/Cancellations-1

If fields are closed for training, we will post on our facebook page no later than 2.00pm on each week day.

Field Layouts

These can be found on our website http://www.northernunitedfootball.com/club/maps/

Currently being updated this week so check this out soon


During the season we do understand that some gear can go missing amongst our teams or be damaged. Please do your best to ensure that your child wears their playing top to games only and not to school.

In the event you need to get in touch with us regarding replacement gear, please contact gearfootball.nusc@gmail.com and Ian will be able to assist you.

Socks, shorts, shin guards etc can be purchased from our friends at The Soccer Shop https://www.nzsoccershop.co.nz/products/category/160/northern-united

Parking at Grounds

Hamilton City Council would like us to remind all football fans to please park safely and appropriately around streets near our sports parks. You must make sure that you park at least 1m away from a driveway and 6m from an intersection. Parking on the grass berm (verge) is not allowed. Please make sure that you are not blocking traffic or parking at the end of a cul de sac. Residents in the streets still need to be able to enter and exit their properties. Always remember to park in a safe place. Sometimes this may mean parking further away and walking to the grounds. 

Make sure that you watch your speed in the area too as there are lots of pedestrians around.

If a team ball should go on the road, please make sure a parent or guardian retrieves it.

Social Media

With the season kicking into gear this weekend we love to see pictures and a story about how things went during the games across all ages. Feel free to post on our facebook page but please make sure anyone in the pictures or videos has given permission for them to be used that way. This should also be the same for any other media outlets such as Instagram, You Tube etc. Permission must be given

Team Photo Evening

Each year we organise a couple of photo evenings for all teams and this is done through Shot360 Photography. We have these dates currently pencilled in for 13th to 15th August 2019. More details will be out soon regarding this.

Club Prize Giving

At the end of each football season, the club has a prize giving for all our teams. The dates we currently have pencilled in for this is on 18th and 19th September 2019.

We are aware that during this team there can be a lot of school activities involving our club members, so we do try and accommodate for this as much as possible, but we are always limited on dates during this time of the year. More details will be out soon regarding this.

Key Contacts

Our club has had quite a few changes this year so should you wish to contact someone within the club and are unsure as to who that will be, head along to the following link for a full list of our club contacts http://www.northernunitedfootball.com/club/contact/

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